Understanding Rebound Relationship Psychology

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If you are in a rebound relationship or someone you know is, it can be a difficult thing to experience. Especially if you understand the relationship psychology behind everything that is going on.

Rebound relationships have a very poor track record, and for good reasons.

Usually when people enter into a rebound relationship, they will be trying to avoid the pain and uncertainty that comes after a breakup.

However, this isn’t exactly what happens in most cases.

You might think that a person’s mate choice after a breakup would be completely random based on who they happen to meet, but it typically isn’t this case at all. Usually they end up with someone who is very similar to their ex either in physical appearance or personality… or they may end up with someone who is the exact polar opposite.

This dynamic means that they are not creating a relationship intentionally and organically. They are still emotionally attached to the previous relationship.

They are living in reaction to what happened in the previous relationship… even if their new partner is the exact opposite of their previous one.

Of course, you cannot suppress the emotional experience of a breakup forever. It will creep back into your life in one way or another. And suddenly you may find more and more problems with the rebound partner, possibly as they remind you of your ex or as you work through the issues from the breakup, you may realize that you just aren’t into someone who is either similar or the exact opposite of your ex.

So, if you’re looking for rebound relationship advice, first and foremost, do not go out of your way to enter into a rebound relationship. Secondly, if you are in one, know that there is going to be a lot of stress that comes into that relationship down the road as those emotions from the breakup begin to become resolved. #ReboundRelationships

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