What to Do When a Rebound Relationship Ends

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When a rebound relationship ends, it can be a very sobering experience. All those feelings of euphoria that you get from a rebound relationship dry up, and you’re left with your life feeling deflated and hopeless all over again.

After a rebound relationship ends you may even think that you just can’t win at relationship because you have had two (or more) recently failed relationships.

Of course, when rebound relationships fail, you do NOT want to jump into another rebound relationship and get back on the misery-go-round.

That’s just going to compound the emotional issues that are going on with you.

Instead, you want to understand the core issue at the heart of all of this, which is emotional unavailability.

A natural response to going through a breakup is to become emotionally unavailable for a period of time as you work through those emotions. However, by hiding in a rebound relationship, you make the process of thawing out emotionally much more difficult because you are retreating to a fantasy relationship.

Now is the time to put in the hard work. Now is the time to disengage from a fantasy and to reengage with what is real.

Learn to love your life.

Learn to love the present moment.

Learn to enjoy interactions for what what they are rather than the potential that they MIGHT have.

This is not easy. But this is how you keep yourself from becoming locked in as an emotionally unavailable person, and it is the only way to actually get the love that you want.

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